The Travel Essentials Needed For A Road Trip


Summer of 2019 in Amalfi. The Travel Essentials Needed For A Road Trip

Summer of 2019 in Amalfi. The Travel Essentials Needed For A Road Trip


A map. The Travel EssentialsA map. Needed For A Road Trip

A map is much needed for the trip. The Travel Essentials Needed For A Road Trip

Are you planning your first ever road trip? Naturally, you’ll want to take a lot of items on your journey. Sometimes we pack non-essential that we think might become useful, which might include things like bikes so you can cycle for a bit – but do you ‘need’ them? Maybe not. On the other hand they can enhance your trip! Before you think about all of the useful items, it’s worth making a list of essentials. Here are a few items you most certainly can’t manage without:

A vehicle

Yep, let’s get straight to the point! It’s impossible to go on a road trip without a car to ferry you around. Unless you want to hitchhike the whole way, which isn’t recommended. It makes a lot of sense to rent your car as you can select an appropriate vehicle for the trip. In all honesty, there’s no rule here – it depends on how your trip pans out. If you want to sleep in the car, get something spacious. If you plan to stop at hotels or campsites, you can just use a regular car.


Don’t forget to bring all of your necessary toiletries on the road trip. This includes your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, floss, hand gel, moisturisers, and so on. The list is longer for some than others but bring everything that forms part of your nightly and morning routines.

You should also bring along some spare tissues and toilet paper. There’s no knowing when you might have to make an emergency stop on the side of a road, so these things can come in very handy.

Portable chargers

Let’s be honest, we rely on our phones for just about everything. A phone isn’t included on this list because it’s basically part of you these days! Anyway, what you do need to bring is a portable charger or two. Ideally, they can be solar-powered, meaning they charge while left in the sun. This ensures you always have a way of charging your phone and other electronics on your trip. It should prevent instances where your phone becomes dead and you have no way of looking up directions or calling for help.

First aid kit

To be honest, this should be brought on every holiday. However, during a road trip, you never know when things might go wrong. It’s likely to be an active holiday, increasing the chances of injuries or minor problems. So, pack a kit full of bandages and medication to treat any small health problems.

Car emergency kit

Similarly, you will need an emergency repair kit for your car. This will help you change any punctured tyres or cope with any other issues. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but it’s worth bringing just in case.

Sleeping equipment

Last but not least, bring some items to help you sleep better. We’re talking masks, earplugs, pillows, a duvet, blankets, etc. An air mattress might be useful if you’re camping – it all depends on where you plan to spend your nights. Just make sure you have a few things that help you get to sleep.

Has anything been left off this list? Let me know if you’d consider anything else as ‘essential’ for a road trip. Once the essentials have been packed, you can start packing all the other useful things that take your trip to the next level. Drop me a line or two as always.