The Types Of Sustainable Travel You Need To Know About

The Types Of Sustainable Travel You Need To Know About

The Types Of Sustainable Travel You Need To Know About

The corona crisis has brought a complete halt to the tourism industry in most parts of the world. Since everything is in place now, it is also an opportunity to learn and shake concepts, to understand what they are saying, what their original intention is and whether they are saying something for us too. The Covid-19 crisis, some believe, is also coinciding with the green industrial revolution, a chance to change the way that we live to help the planet – ultimately for the best. This means, being healthier, sustainable and being respectful to the planet.

Sustainable tourism, responsible tourism and ecotourism or ecotourism, ecological footprint…  words words that sound too foreign and confusing. If you survived them, I hope you stay with me in this post. Its purpose is to make order between them and expand a little on the subject.

Sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism is a creation of tourism that takes into account the natural and human environment. The need to preserve the environment is quite understandable. When it comes to the human environment, the reference is to the economic and cultural aspects of the local population, as well as the needs of the tourists.

Responsible tourism

The term “responsible tourism” is almost identical to “sustainable tourism”. Its use stems from being more user-friendly than the term “sustainable” which many find difficult to understand. The term “responsible tourism” has been adopted mainly by the tourism industry. It may mean staying in hotels that recycle and use their own local produce. Or perhaps using your own sustainable caravan or motorhome.


Ecotourism is a type of sustainable tourism that encourages nature conservation and engages in travel to nature areas where the tourist damage is minimal, in order to learn and appreciate nature. A very comprehensive blog on a topic I have been following for several years is: Green Global Travel. It has reference to both the ecological lifestyle and the information for the ecological traveler. It contains a lot of information about nature destinations and adventures in nature, animals and conservation issues. Nature lovers should get to know this type of tourism.

The Types Of Sustainable Travel You Need To Know About England

The Types Of Sustainable Travel You Need To Know About England

Ecological Footprint

An ecological footprint is a measure of human demand for ecosystems. Intended for individuals as individuals, communities and commercial companies. The ecological footprint is the ecological price. There is an ecological price to every product we consume, and there is an ecological price to our own conduct and the community in which we live. The term “ecological footprint” refers to all of our lifestyles, routines and vacations. An example is, you may not know that producing meat, and especially beef, requires a lot of water, food and space resources. Tourism includes all areas relevant to lifestyles as well as long-distance flights and car travel.

Everyone wants the tourism industry to boom again, and it certainly can, but it will be a little different. Whether quarantine stays in place, or whether those with vaccination cards will be able to travel more freely, it is yet to be known; but what we do know is that the travel industry deserves a huge boost in 2021.

Are you feeling comfortable with travel and tourism right now? Drop me a line or two as always.