Tips on how to cope with noisy guests in hotels

Tips on how to cope with noisy guests in hotels

Tips on how to cope with noisy guests in hotels

Although you might not be in a position to travel right now due to Covid-19, don’t be discouraged. Hopefully the boarder will open in good time for you to take off. Are you planning to go away this year but worried about getting a good night’s sleep? These tips on how to cope with noisy guests in hotels might just help you enjoy your holiday.

Have you been affected by noisy guests during your holiday? I’m pretty sure some of you have. Noise can affect your stay and, in some cases, ruin your holiday due to sleep deprivation. It might be that guests continuously drag their chairs on marble floor, play loud music into the early hours or allow their children to run wild late at night.

Hotel rooms vary in style, size and price, ranging from cheap hotels to five-star resorts. But in spite of the differences, most have a noise policy put in place to safeguard their guests, employees and property. Guests must comply with the accommodation rules to help others have a quiet and enjoyable vacation. But as you might know not everyone complies with policies and would rather take matters into their own hands

Noise is probably one of the most common problems you’ll face during your holiday and evidence shows that with the breakout of Covid-19 more people are having difficulty sleeping due to anxiety or lifetime changes.

To help you have an enjoyable holiday, here are some tips on how to cope with noisy guests in your hotel:

  • Read the code of conduct shortly after you’ve checked in.


  • Confront the noisy guests with diplomacy (but be careful!). Tell them that they’re making noise and explain how their behavior is affecting your stay – build a rapport with them if possible but be pleasant and firm.


  • Write a letter to them explaining how they’ve ruined your stay and that if they continue, you will report them to the hotel manager.


  • Log all incidences and use a voice recorder to record the noise as proof.


  • Make a complaint to the hotel manager and tour operator then make a request to transfer. If this fails, ask to be relocated.


  • If they still fail to comply with the rules, they might be given a warning, or possibly get thrown out or even arrested!

When booking your accommodation avoid choosing a room facing a busy street with noisy traffic. Request to have a room with a good view with less noise.

Plan well ahead for future holidays. Read reviews on how hotels have previously managed noisy guests and avoid being in the same situation next time.

Star rating doesn’t actually guarantee that you’ll have a good night sleep. What really matters is to make sure that there is the Quiet Room® label attached to the hotel.

The Quiet Hotel Room follows this trend.

Do you prefer to stay in accommodation that is quiet or prefer the city break style hotel? Drop me a line as always.