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Marolambo National Park

Let’s go to discover the National Park of Marolambo

Let's go to discover the National Park of Marolambo

Let’s go to discover the National Park of Marolambo

Have you heard of Marolambo National Park? Probably not. Marolambo National Park is part of the natural heritage of Madagascar. Located mainly in the East of the country, with an area of 95,100 ha. Marolambo National Park extends over several regions including Atsinanana, Vakinankaratra, Vatovavy and Amoron’i Mania. The main districts are known as Marolambo, Antanifotsy, Ifanadiana, Nosy Varika and Ambositra.


Interestingly, the plants are numerous and this stunning site is rich in orchids and epiphytes, with various trees, shrubs and lianas. Some of them can reach a height of 25 m. The flora consists of Diospyros mangabensis, Peponidium latifolium, Dalbergia monticola, Vitex, Dalbergia, Canarium, etc. If you’re into exotic plants, no doubt this is great the place for you to visit.

Waterfal of Sakaleona

The forest which is part of the national park of Marolambo is stunning, as seen in its dense and humid state (low and medium altitude), primary, secondary and degraded. In this national park, there is also the waterfall of Sakaleona; it is the highest waterfall of Madagascar, which is 200 m and is located in the region of Vatovavy, 18 km from the village of Ampasinambo.

If you want to see and appreciate the beautiful landscape of the National Park of Marolambo, make a pledge not to miss this golden opportunity. Visit Madagascar to see this beautiful landscape.

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