What Are The Secrets Of Fearless Travellers?

You don’t have to be ‘fearless’ or ‘brave’ to go traveling. You can pack up your things and head off on your trip even if you’re nervous, even if you’re feeling a touch of anxiety. But if you are feeling nervous and anxious, you might find that, once you arrive at your destination, you don’t make the most of the time you have there, and that is always a shame.

When you’re traveling, you’ll want to experience as much as possible, you’ll want to try new things, you’ll want to see different sites, and doing that with an element of fear is always going to be difficult. So here are some of the secrets of ‘fearless’ travellers that will help you to truly dive into the experience you’ve created for yourself.


Observing my sense of purpose in Dorset

Observing my sense of purpose in Dorset



Sunset. What Are The Secrets Of Fearless Travellers?


Have A Sense Of Purpose

When you have a reason for visiting somewhere and you give your trip a sense of purpose, you will be much less anxious about making the trip. Or rather, you might still be anxious, but the sense of purpose about why you’re going will help to minimize that anxiety and help you to overcome your fears.

Your sense of purpose can be anything at all, but it must make sense to you. You might, for example, want to visit somewhere because it’s where your parents met, or because an idol of yours visited there or was born there. There might be something in that particular destination that you know you have to see in your lifetime because it means something to you, and you are sure it will enhance your life. Whatever it is, this is what you need to focus on, not your fears.

Get Ready

There will always be a reason behind the fear you’re feeling about leaving home for a while and travelling to a new place. Once you know what this fear is, you can use it to get ready for your trip.

You might, for example, be worried about leaving your pets behind. In that case, start by booking them into a kennel or cattery for short periods before you go away to see how they get on. Assuming they’re okay, you’ll be less anxious about leaving them for real when the time comes. Or maybe you know that, to see the sites you want to see, you’ll need to travel by boat and this is something that worries you because you can’t swim. In that case, you could book yourself in for swim classes before you go, helping you to feel safer.

Bournemouth beach, England

Bournemouth beach, England

Whatever you’re worried about, there will be a solution, and finding that solution so you can get ready for your trip should be a priority if you want to be more fearless.

Plan It Out

Part of the fun of travelling is the spontaneity of it. That’s what many people love about it; they won’t have any particular plan and when they arrive at their chosen destination they’ll just see where the wind takes them. This, however, is not for everyone, and it can cause more anxiety than anything else.

The good news is that you can still enjoy a trip if it’s been planned out in detail before you go, assuming that’s how you like to do things. If it makes you more comfortable to know just where you’ll be each day and what you’ll do when you get there, then enjoy the planning – it will be fun. Just remember that sometimes plans need to be flexible to give you the best experience.

I remember booking in for swim classes six months before going on my first holiday to Majorca. Although I still had a few lessons to go, I felt safer in my hotel’s indoor pool and in the sea.

What I love about going on holiday is having learned a few facts about my destination and being flexible, going where the wind takes me. Do you plan your holiday or are you spontaneous traveller? Drop me a line or two as always.