A very happy new year to you!

I sure hope you’re having a good time so far and looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us in 2020. It’s always a good idea to have an icebreaker in the midst of our busyness. Make a mission to explore and go on a walking tour either in a group or solo.

Entrance to The Foundling Museum

Passing by the Foundling museum in London was an eye opener and reminded me about how much hidden history is available in this amazing city!

Where is the Foundling Museum?

The Foundling Museum in Bloomsbury area of Central London, close to Russell Square and Kings Cross Tube station. Bloomsbury has a wealth of history on its doorstep.

The Foundling Museum

What’s The Story Behind The Foundling Museum?

The History 

Did you know that The Foundling museum was previously a Hospital? It is now a children’s charity founded in the 18th century by a Thomas Coram.

His aim was to eradicate child mortality rate as a result of some parents not being able to care for their children due to poverty which as a result lead to abandonment.

He established the hospital to care for vulnerable children as well as educating them and their families.

Coram Childrens Charity

The Foundling Museum can be found here

Signpost to The Foundling Museum


Coram The place For Children


Statue of Thomas Coram


Thomas Coram plaque

Have you been to the Foundling Museum? What has made you curious about it? Drop me a line as always.