Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022

Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022 Umbria, Italy

Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022 Umbria, Italy

If you haven’t been able to travel much over the past two years, you are not alone. The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, and the travel restrictions have been some of the most noticeable. As such, the urge to travel is an itch that must be scratched in 2022. 

While there are many options to consider, solo travel has to stand out as the best solution by far. Whether you’ve previously travelled alone or not, here are some of the reasons to do it next year.


First and foremost, solo travel puts you in control. You pick the dates. You pick the destinations. And you pick the activities, food, and accommodation. 

The fact is that we have all become more comfortable with not having groups of people around us. As such, there has never been a better time for people to embrace solo travel. You are more than capable of booking flights online and finding accommodation for yourself.

Crucially it removes the threat of missing out on an attraction because someone else in your travel party wanted to do something else.


On the one hand, solo travel can feel expensive as you won’t be able to share the costs of taxi rides, room rentals, etc. On the other hand, though, you won’t be forced to waste money.

If you want to stay in a modest hotel rather than one with business centres and fitness suites, you can. Likewise, you’ll be able to enjoy cheap eateries rather than always eating at lavish restaurants. This saves you more time to explore the locations you’re visiting.

Finally, you can even arrange the visits to attractions to occur at off-peak times. So, this can save money without compromising your fun.

Remember the good old Piggy bank

Remember the good old Piggy bank


When travelling with friends and family, it’s easy to get lost in your little bubble. When you travel alone, however, you are more likely to engage with people and surroundings. 

This can help you gain a better understanding of arts, music, food, and culture. You will also be more eager to discover historical insights online, at museums, or on walking tours. So, you will feel that you have gained an education too.

Meanwhile, you can form new friendships with other travellers as well as the locals. Thanks to online communications, the new links can last a lifetime.


Travelling with a group of friends does offer a lot of beneficial features, such as sharing driving duties and having camaraderie. So your memories of time together are magical. 

However, memories of the places may be less amazing due to the reduced engagement with surroundings. When taking beautiful hikes or seeing stunning sceneries, solo travel is perfect. Not least because you can capture the moments forever through photos.

Aside from being something you can look back on with joy, it’ll open up conversations with friends and family upon your return.




Planning an adventure is infinitely harder when lots of people are involved. You have to sync your schedules while also finding money at the same time. Solo travel is far less stressful.

Planning for just yourself is so easy. You know your passport details when booking flights. Likewise, you know your info when gaining documentation to enter a company. You can find out more online with a few clicks. And then you can complete the process within hours.

Removing any sense of reliance on other people is great. Perhaps more importantly, you won’t need to take on responsibility for others.


Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022 The Colloseum, Rome

Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022 The Colloseum, Rome

The perfect vacation should combine sightseeing, relaxation, activities, and more. When you travel alone, striking the right balance is easy.

You could easily fit in some time for yoga, a spa treatment, or a walk on the beach. This is without losing the chance to visit famous shopping centres or visit a landmark. Likewise, there will still be time for food and drink without falling into the trap of doing nothing else.

For a rounded holiday adventure, this is the best solution by far. Again, nobody else can influence your decisions.


Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022 Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy

Why Solo Travel Is The Ultimate Choice For 2022 Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy

Solo travel provides a sense of self-satisfaction that is hard to find elsewhere. It is very noticeable on your first trip. After the last two years, even experienced travellers will feel it.

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and putting yourself in new situations is a challenge. Albeit a fun one. A lot of people learn that they are far more capable of handling a range of situations than they thought. You will too.

For that reason, everyone should travel alone at least once. Given the current climate, there is no better time to start planning than the present. I have travelled solo within England and internationally a few times. You eventually get used to your own company and possibly make friends during your trip.

Are you brave enough to travel solo or would you rather have a companion with you? Drop me a line or two as always.