Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017


The Year In Review: 2016 Was At Last A Living Dream Sunset In London

The Year In Review: 2016 Was At Last A Living Dream Sunset In London

2016 has been about travelling and living my dreams. Luckily some came true. I remember starting the year aiming to focus on positive thoughts and if I ever felt a negative thought creeping up, I would immediately refocus. I lived and breathed it. Although there were a couple of places I’ve always wanted to see and things I’ve always wanted to do, for one reason or the other, I wasn’t able to see them as life always got in the way. But this year was when I eventually reached those destinations and got some things out of the way. Sit back and enjoy reading The Year In Review: 2016 Was At Last A Living Dream.

In January, I teamed up with Jan, my blogger friend from Canada, for a day trip to the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Tours in the bitter cold. Jan, I really can’t believe we did this almost a year ago and thanks for your company!

It was in February that I was lucky enough to see Adrian Lester perform in the theatre production, Red Velvet that was based on a true story of Ira Aldridge by Lolita Chakrabarti. 

In July, I finally made it to the Championships Wimbledon Tennis tournament after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting. The whole experience was breathtaking and I recommend you to visit one day! Also, more of this story to come in Summer 2017. Visiting TBEX Sweden was also a wonderful experience. More of this story to come in 2017.

August was the month when I finally got a taste of Italy. I was in Assisi and Rome with family and friends for the first time. Even though I didn’t plan to visit the country this year, a surprise invitation from a friend made my dream a reality. 2016 Was At Last A Living Dream.  Assisi

A day trip to Oxford with daughter and son was also an enjoyable experience as I was able to revisit a city I lived in for 1 year but so much had changed. Brighton is one of the most buzzing beaches in the UK and it is only one hour away from London by train. 

The Extra-Terrestrial In Concert


Royal Albert Hall

In December, I got another surprise Christmas gift from a friend to see E.T.THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL CONCERT AT The Royal Albert Hall in Kensington London. I’m so grateful for a good year that also had many challenges; The lessons I’ve learned this year is that being a traveller requires me to be spontaneous and not too hesitant when making decisions because opportunities have a short shelf life.

I must stress that this post is not an all-inclusive list but it’s a highlight of some of my ventures. I really do hope that you have been inspired by some of the decisions I’ve made this year and how we need to remember that life is a journey. Don’t be afraid dream big and take risks if you can. Continue to follow me on the blog as I continue to explore new opportunities and destinations.

Have you looked back to review the year and are there are any lessons you’ve learned? Make sure you share your thoughts in the comment box. Thank you for being part of my journey and have a happy new year!

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