London Mini Atlas

Philip’s Mini Atlas

My Mini Atlas is my ultimate travel companion. I would usually search in my Mini Atlas for direction and 8 out of 10 times, it would get me around London within minutes. But if I have to get somewhere completely unfamiliar at a minutes notice, then I’d use my A – Z Atlas (which also covers outer London) or my Road Atlas. So, can a Mini Atlas get you around London in minutes? Yes,  because once you’ve mapped out your desired location you just need to follow the route on the atlas!

Covent garden

Covent Garden London

Covent Garden is one of the places I visit regularly but still struggle to find my way around, so an easy option would be to resort to my mini atlas for direction. I’ve collected various atlases over the years but would often use one of them as my guide, depending on where I’m going. If I need to travel to a part of London that I’m not that familiar with, I would pack my comprehensive A-Z with me. If going to a familiar place, then I’d pack one of my mini atlases just in case I need direction. On the odd occasion, I might use my GPS.

Amongst the many places and attractions you can get to with a Mini Atlas are….

Was searching for the Greenwood Theatre along Weston Street, London recently but had no idea where the theatre was. surprisingly, It was only a few kilometres from the Shard, and thankfully my Mini Atlas had helped me out.

  • The London Eye

  • Parliament Square

  • And many more…

So just in case you experience a connection failure on your mobile or tablet, a Mini Atlas would be a safe bet and can get you around London within minutes! A great companion for your journey.