Tips on how to buy a new gas boiler

As you know, autumn is coming and we are likely to turn our boilers on after a long warm summer. Most gas boilers haven’t been heating up our radiators during the summer months.

Gas boilers might work slower in the first few hours when radiators are turned back on. In some cases a gas boilers could break down.

60 percent of domestic carbon monoxide emission is found in old household boilers. So if you’ve had your boiler for a long time, then you might need a replacement.  Here’s why:

1. Cost

Make a decision on how much you can afford to spend on a new one because they are expensive. You might need to approach a finance company to help finance your boiler, so paying by monthly instalments will help spread the cost.

2. Location

Decide where to place your new boiler. If your previous boiler didn’t release steam, then you might need to place your new boiler in a different place. Some modern boilers release steam.

3. Size

The type of boiler you buy depends on the number of bathrooms you have and the number of people who live in your home. Also, people might need to have a shower or bath at different times of the day. If more than one bathroom is being used at the same time of the day, then you will need a bigger boiler.

4. Condensing boiler

Consider buying a condensing boiler because they can reduce heating bills by 40 percent especially if you live in an apartment.

5. Energy efficient boiler

Decide on buying an energy efficient boiler. An energy efficient boiler will help you save money and save the environment. Whether your new boiler is traditional or modern, it’s better to buy an energy efficient boiler.

6. Insurance

Search for a local store that will guarantee your new boiler just in case something goes wrong. Consider taking out insurance for a few years and an insurance policy that covers labour and parts.

7. A combination boiler

Consider buying a combination boiler. A combination boiler will heat up your hot water and radiators at the same time. The boiler will save you running out of hot water.

8. Plumber

Search for a plumber that would remove your old boiler but make sure they are happy to install your new boiler. The plumber has to be a Corgi registered plumber. Negotiate the installation cost and shop around for a reputable plumber.

9. Read the user guide instructions

Ask the retailer and plumber questions about your new boiler, then figure out how to program the boiler and get familiar with the controls.

Consider reading the user guide that came with your new boiler and keep it with your receipt and insurance policy, as you might need it in the future.


A new boiler will save you money, energy, keep your home safe from  Carbon-monoxide emission and reduce it’s footprints.