Why the government should keep London’s libraries open

A proposal was made last year to close some of London’s lending libraries and a number of people expressed their concerns. So it’s now time for local residence to stand up and protest against this proposal!

Measure urgently need to be taken to prevent the closures from going ahead because this is a facility that needs to remain accessible to the public.

Here are some of the reasons why the government should keep London Libraries open to members of the public:

  1. improves literacy skills

It is proven that reading books, magazines and newspapers improve literacy skills. When we read consistently, we become fluent readers and better writers. Keeping the libraries open and allowing people access to technology means more people will have the opportunity to learn new skills and stay up to date with trends.

Children can get their homework done in libraries if they haven’t got a PC at home or if they need to work in a quiet place.

  1. brings the communities together

Independent reading can feel lonely sometimes, but seeing others carrying out the same activity will encourage us to read alongside each other. Seasonal events like book clubs and reading groups also bring people together.

People with English as their second language, the deaf and blind find that libraries help them to interact with others.

  1. provides a shelter for those seeking warmth

Certain groups of people find that libraries are a safe haven. Homeless people, children facing bullying and people facing domestic violence can read various literature in libraries to help them stay off the streets.

  1. enables children and students access to educational resources

Knowledge will be shared and become accessible to all. The Archives have valuable information that can enhance student’s learning. Reading schemes are also beneficial to children because their literacy skills improve over time. It is not always possible to buy books, but it is to borrow.

  1. free access to information, educational resources, news, the internet

Access to websites, revision books and music resources all help towards educating people.

  1. free renewable material

Books and CD’s are available on loan. Libraries are one of a few places left where materials can be hired.

  1. private tutoring

They are meeting places where tutors meet students to teach and enhance learning.

  1. cultural venues

Seasonal events and art exhibitions events take place here.

It will be a huge loss to see the facility withdrawn, so Londoners urgently need to appeal to the government to keep libraries open.