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Sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 daily or carrying out mundane tasks can be daunting at times. A routine like this can lead to poor posture. We all slouch when using a PC, laptop or tablet and the digital age hasn’t helped either because it has created dot-com kids who spend a lot of time glued to screens.

So, it will be a good idea to take up Pilates to train our bodies and avoid bad posture. Here are 6 reasons why you should take up Pilates:

1. Back alignment

A Pilates instructor trains their clients how to stand tall, with shoulders rolled back and at the same time holding in your core muscles. Although it sounds quite weird, this does work. Going to a class regularly will align your back and reduce back pain.

2. Corrects bad posture

You will learn how to avoid slouching. Say for instance you happen to be sitting at a desk 9 to 5, the chances are that you are likely to slouch because your back will get tired. Once you’ve attended a couple of classes, your body will be trained to correct your posture.

3. Tones the body

Pilates is a fat burning exercise and it is about slow flowing movements. There is no beginning and no end. After about 3 months of regular exercises, twice a week, clients are likely to notice the difference but it will take a while to get a toned body!

4. Strengthens the core muscles

Clients will learn how to control their core muscles which controls movements. To do this, inhale slowly then exhale slowly into the muscles.

As long as the principles are followed, you will feel the benefits.

5. Boosts confidence and gives us a brighter outlook

The workout will leave you feeling happier, even if it’s for a short while, probably due to the release of the endorphins from our bodies during the activity.

6. Improves focus, muscle control, relieves pressure, tension and fatigue

It’s great for focusing on your posture and ideal for relieving tension around the back and neck.

Remember to listen to your body and if the movements don’t feel right then they probably aren’t. (Always consult your GP in first instance) Pilates is proven by medical practitioners to have improved people’s posture, so it’s worth taking up the challenge.